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Reroy Cables congratulates certified Electrical Wiring Professionals

Reroy Cables Limited, an indigenous cables manufacturing giant has congratulated all Electrical Wiring Professionals, who have been duly certified by the energy commission.

In line with the Ghana Electrical Wiring Regulations 2011, (L.I. 2008) passed into law by Parliament in 2012, the energy commission, as one of the responses to the spate of electrical fires that had occurred in the country, seeks to regulate and ensure that only properly qualified and certified professionals engage in electrical wiring and installation works.

Since the introduction of the professional course, the energy commission has certified 6,000 wiring professionals in three main areas thus Commercial, Domestic and Industrial wiring.

A statement from Reroy cables assures all electricians across the country about its willingness to help enforce the Electrical Wiring Regulations.

According to the statement, Reroy cables through the collaboration of its subsidiaries is well placed to ensure all electricians who …