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Martin Amidu, Anti-corruption campaigner Writes....

“One of the problems faced by some of the appointees of the present Government is the ability to go beyond the biased advice being proffered to them by the senior public officers they inherited from the previous Government.

A conscientious and knowledgeable Minister should be able, within the first three months in office, to know how many of his officers were recently promoted by the outgoing Government and their role in cover-ups in the Ministry.

The inability of any Minister to understand the composition and promotional history of his senior public servants upon whom he depends for advice within the first three to six months means that he may be working with moles planted before the demise of the previous Government.

“A simple analysis of the staff list in any Ministry including transfers within a period will easily give any Minister a bird’s eye view of how very junior staff wormed their way into acting senior positions above their very senior and competent colleagues and were lat…

MTN Ghana Foundation feeds 3000 children

MTN Ghana Foundation has organized Christmas parties for about 3000 children in select schools across the country. The Christmas parties were held for children at Bethesda Basic School-Glefe/Mpoasei Dansoman, Mampong School for the Deaf, Mampong, Sekondi School for the Deaf and Zuarungu community.

The Christmas parties forms part of activities marking MTN Ghana Foundation’s 10th Anniversary. As part of the activities, MTN Ghana Foundation also presented teaching and learning aids such as pens, pencils, crayons, erasers, sharpeners, rulers, story books, textbooks and A4 sheets to management of the schools.

The children were also taken through some fun activities that test both their cognitive and psychomotor abilities such as reading, drawing, dancing etc. MTN Ghana Foundation took the opportunity to engage directly with the children while fulfilling two of its three focus areas, which are, Education and Health.

Commenting on the event, the Acting Corporate Services Executive of MTN G…


The minority has learnt with shock and dismay the brutal and unprovoked attack on the member of parliament for the Asunafo South Constituency, Hon. Eric Opoku who is also the former Regional Minister of the Brong Ahafo region under the John Mahama led NDC administration in the early hours of 25th day of December, 2017.
          We are reliably informed that the Hon. Eric Opoku had travelled to his constituency to celebrate the Christmas festivities with his constituents and was actually locked up in a meeting at his residence when a mob of NPP supporters numbering about a hundred and armed with machetes and guns carried out the attack without provocation.
          In the cause of the unprovoked attack, stones were pelted by the assailants at the residence of the Hon. Eric Opoku and in the process, massive damage was caused to a number of vehicles including a Toyota Land Cruiser belonging to the Hon. Member and the residence itself.
The minority in parliament condemns the attack…

Jumia Gives Away Goodies

Its barely 4 days away to the end of the year and Jumia Ghana is giving out goodies to online shoppers during this festivity. Just like santa, Jumia is spreading the discount love to all shoppers to enjoy up to 70% off on items in their ongoing Christmas store sales.
This year’s Christmas Store have all items ranging from fashion, electronics, gifts, home appliances etc. Jumia says ‘the best place to shop for this festivity is Jumia’s Christmas store’. Jumia wants its customers to shop right during this holidays to avoid over spending hence it has seized the opportunity to educate shoppers on how to make use of some basic shopping tips to avoid them going broke.
How to Shop Right
Outline your needs: Knowing what you actually need, is a good way to start your shopping. Pen down all items you are sure to need during this festivity. By making a list, you are fixing your gaze on that which is important so to avoid impulse buying.
Shop on Budget: Allocate an approximate amount to each ite…

MTN Ghana wins 3 Awards in a role

MTN Ghana has awarded the PR Organization of the Year in the telecommunications sector for the third consecutive time at the just ended 6th IPR awards in Accra.

The event was organized under the theme “Deriving Value from Values," by Institute of Public Relations (IPR).

At the same event, MTN Ghana was also adjudged the best in non-profit communication and the best in crisis and issues management.

The IPR Excellence Awards aims at honouring and generating public recognition for the achievements and positive contributions of Public Relations units in their organisations. It was also instituted to promote professionalism in the practice of PR in Ghana.

The leader of the delegation, Mrs Georgina Asare Fiagbenu, who is the Acting. Corporate Services Executive of MTN Ghana thanked all workers of MTN Ghana for their dedication.

“Being the leader in the telecommunications industry with over 17 million subscribers places a unique responsibility on us to ensure business is clearly repres…


This is probably a question we may have asked ourselves to ascertain the prose and cones of the new media age. It is a world of click, #hashtags, and follow. According to, technology is a body of knowledge devoted to creating tools, processing actions and extracting of materials. Basically, we use technology to extend our abilities to solve a problem.
Technology is an extended term for information technology (IT) which stresses the role of unified communications and the integration of telecommunications (telephone lines and wireless signals), computers as well as necessary enterprise software, middleware, storage, and audio-visual systems. It enables users to access, store, transmit, and manipulate information. – Wikipedia
The term ‘Technology’ is wide and everyone has their own way of understanding the meaning of technology. Its importance can never be over emphasized. In today’s world, technology has significant effect on business operations, no matter how small…

Renewable energy sector attracts investors

By: Fred Yaw Sarpong

The Ministry of Energy has received several applications from investors wanting to invest in the renewable energy sector, the Daily Express can confirm.
According to the information gathered, applications are coming from China, U.S and some European countries.
Ghana has several resources such as: wind, solar PV, mini grid, and modern biomass that are expected to be exploited for
electricity production.
But renewable energy has been the major one which many investors have expressed interest to champion, to add some portion
of energy solution to the national grid.
The investors are going to be taken through processes to partner the government to commission a lot of mini renewable projects by 2030.
The ministry pointed out that this will help the country to increase its current 1% of renewable energy feed into the national grid.
Currently, Ghana’s installed generation capacity stands at 4,577 megawatt (MW) as against 4,132 MW in 2016.
The 201…

November inflation inches up by 1%

By: Fred Yaw SARPONG

The Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) has announced that the year-on-year inflation
for November, 2017 inched by one percentage point to record 11.7% rate of inflation.
This means that the change in the general price level was 11.7% over the one year period, from November 2016 to November
2017. In the month on October, 2017, year-on-year inflation was 11.6%.
The non-food inflation rate for November 2017 was the main driver which pushed the November, inflation up. The non-food inflation was 13.6% as against 13.2% recorded in October 2017.
The sub-groups that contributed to the rate were transport, clothing and footwear, recreation and culture, furnishings, household equipment and miscellaneous goods and services.
These sectors recorded inflation higherthan the average non-food inflation rate of 13.6%. Meanwhile, the food inflation rate for November 2017 was 7.9%, compared to 8.2% recorded in October 2017.
Within the Food group, two sub-groups …

BoG to allow banks to announce interest rates

By: Fred Yaw SARPONG

The Bank of Ghana is to consider a system
that allows commercial banks in the
country to announce their own interest
rates to the general public.
According to the central bank, this is to do away
with any doubt on the part of the commercial banks
concerning Average Interest Rate published by the
central bank.
By default, the regulator of the banking sector
has been publishing the Average Interest Rate from
the banks. The idea is to inform the public about
individual bank interest rate on certain services
offered by the banks.
However, some of the banks have been coming
out to deny the figures announced or published by
the central bank.
In order for the banks not to dispute or deny the
central bank figures, the regulator said allowing the
banks to announce their interest rates on mortgage
loans, agriculture, cars, and other services will be of
benefit to the public.
At a media soiree held at the Bank of Ghana, the
Governor of the central ba…

MTN staff, the success of MTN Ghana Foundation

By: Fred Yaw SARPONG
The Daily Express

MTN Ghana Foundation, the corporate social responsibility arm of MTN Ghana has an objective of seeking to enhance socio-economic development of Ghanaians and making sure the citizens benefits from their social activities.

Since the foundation was set up in 2007, it has enhanced the brand of MTN Ghana in all areas of their operation especially to lift the image of under-served communities in Ghana.

Apart from the foundation promoting strategic partnerships through good corporate citizenship collaborations with other national/ international partners, its key successes is the partnership it has cemented with the staff of MTN Ghana.
Even though, the Foundation belongs to the staff and they must devote themselves to the activities of the organisation, the effort and enthusiasm they exhibit towards activities of the foundation are remarkable.
One of the objectives of foundation states that “to foster MTN teamwork values among M…

NCA to auction another 4G spectrum

By: Fred Yaw SARPONG

The National Communication Authority
(NCA) says it will soon announce the auction
of another 4G spectrum, part of the 800 MHz
Band to investors.
This will be the second time the regulator
is offering space as part of a 800 MHz Band
after MTN was awarded a lot of 2 x10 MHz
Even though the regulator is yet to come
out with details and modalities for acquisition
of the spectrum, the Daily Express gathers
that the price will not be as high as the
US$67.5 million paid by MTN to purchase
the first space of lot of 2x10 MHz Band.
Mr. Henry Kanor, the Deputy Director-
General of NCA who gave the hint in Accra
said the authority will open the bid to enable
players such as members of broadband
communication chamber (BBCC) to take
advantage of the offer.
Addressing participants at the maiden
Broadband Ghana Forum 2017, Mr. Kanor
urged industry players to help shape the
sector by allowing competition to prevail
among them.
Mr. Kanor underscored t…

Rural banks struggling to meet minimum capital

By: Fred Yaw SARPONG

A check at the Bank of Ghana
(BoG) indicates that Rural
and Community Banks
(RCBs) in the country are struggling
to raise the minimum capital
requirements required by the central
The central bank has instructed
RCBS in the country to raise its
minimum capital to a minimum of
GHc1 million (1,000,000,000 cedis) by
the end of December, 2017.
However, the regulator says
majority of the RCBs have not
been able to raise the amount as
the deadline approaches. The Daily
Express gathers that as at the end
November, about less than half of the
total 144 RCBs have been able to raise
the Ghc 1 million capital.
Meanwhile, as at August this year,
only 58 Rural and Community Banks
(RCB’s) had a paid-up capital of above
The Governor of the central bank,
Dr. Ernest Addison said recently at a
Monetary Policy Committee (MPC)
meeting with some journalists that a
number of the RCBs are yet to meet
the minimum capital requirements.
Despite thi…

Ghana fails to meet SDG internet target

By: Fred Yaw SARPONG

Ghana has failed to reach the 50%
internet penetration target set
by the United Nations, as part
of the Sustainable Development Goals
(SDGs) targets by 2017.
Currently, Ghana has an internet
penetration of 34% which is very low,
recording about 16% short in reaching the
Mr. Kawku Agbesi, an industry player
and the Chief Sales Marketing Officer
for CSquared Ghana, a wholesale fibre
infrastructure company told the Daily
Express that in order to improve internet
penetration in the country, there are three
things stakeholders need to do.
He mentioned that the cost of internet
in Ghana is very expensive and it does
not make more people to hook into the
internet. Even though with a lot of smart
phones, many Ghanaians are afraid of
using their data because of the cost.
“First of all we need to try and reduce
the cost of providing the service to the
end user,” he stated.
He further stated that on the average,
the price of internet in Ghana…

BoG meets the banks on capitalization

By: Fred Yaw SARPONG

As part of the transformational agenda to the banking sector in the country, the Bank of Ghana (BoG), regulator of the banking sector says its meeting all the 32 banks operating in Ghana ahead of the minimum capital requirement deadline.
According to the central bank, the meeting is to have further update on where each bank is as far as the recapitalization is concerned.
The regulator increased the minimum capital requirements of all commercial banks in Ghana from GHc120 million to GHc400 million. All the banks have been given up till December, 2017 to fully meet the new requirement.
The commercial banks are supposed to be submitting their plans to capitalize up to GHc400 million to the central bank, hence the meeting is to assess their plans put in place.
“We had requested quite a number of banks to put into place recapitalization plans as far back as April, 2017. So since April we have seen some a number of banks improves the level of ca…

Illegal charges at health facilities in Ghana ...GHS warn staffs

By: Fred Yaw SARPONG

The Ghana Health Service (GHS) says some staffs of health facilities in the country are charging patients and pregnant women illegally fees which do not come with receipts.
Illegal charges at some of the health facilities have been in the media quite recently. The Daily Express has reported on similar incident which took place at the Greater Accra Regional Hospital, formerly known as the Ridge Hospital.
A statement from the Ghana Health Service, which was signed by the Director General of the GHS, Dr. Anthony Nsiah-Asare indicated that there has been non-issuance of receipts covering payments of hospital fees and illegal charges by some health facilities within the Ghana Health Service.
The memo which has been intercepted by the Daily Express was issued on 30th October, 2017 and sent to all Regional Director of the GHS, all medical directors of the various health facilities in the country and copied to the Minister of Health, and the Chair…

BoG meets other regulatory bodies for data collection

By: Fred Yaw SARPONG

Bank of Ghana (BoG), the regulator of the banking sector says it has put up a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with other public regulatory agencies to have a common way of producing financial data.
The targeted regulatory authorities are Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), National Insurance Commission (NIC) and National Pension Regulatory Authority (NPRA).
Even though there is no law that state that these public regulatory authorities are under the Bank of Ghana and for that matter they can be compel to act, however Dr. Osei Yeboah, Head of Micro Prudential Office at Bank of Ghana explained that these authorities are operating in the same space as the Bank of Ghana.
He mentioned that, at regulators forum they address issues of much concern to the industry players and one of such issues is data collection. “If the financial system is working well it be of benefit to all the regulators,” he disclosed to the Daily Express in an inter…

BBCC to drive broadband penetration

By: Fred  Yaw SARPONG

The Broadband Communication Chamber (BBCC) says its putting down measurers to drive the use broadband penetration in the country to include many Ghanaians who do not have access to broadband.
According to the chamber, improved access to broadband services in the country will strengthening businesses, increase the country’s productivity and cushion Ghana’s economic growth.
Speaking to Elorm Gustav Tamakloe, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the BBCC ahead of the upcoming Broadband Ghana Forum, he stated that broadband technologies are driving significant transformation in lots of sectors that are related to development such as health, food security, financial inclusion and education.
He mentioned that it is therefore an undeniable fact that broadband is playing and will continue to play a key role in achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
“Sadly, Ghana is losing out, Ghana is being left behind. With approximately 9.9 m…

Gov’t interfering in PURC work- Economic

By: Fred Yaw SARPONG

Government has been accused of interfering in the work of Public Utility and Regulatory Commission (PURC) for setting electricity tariffs for power consumers in the country without the approval of the commission.
The Head of Department of Finance, School of Business at the University of Cape Coast, Dr. John Gatsi it si unfortunate for the government to set electricity tariffs and push it on PURC to accept.
“We are practising a liberal market system of which we have institution that are supposed to engage in price determination for tariffs and petroleum products,” he told the Daily Express in response to the 2018 Budget Statement presented to the Parliament by the Finance Minister, Mr. Ken Ofori-Attah.
The 2018 Budget Statement is the third fiscal policy of the government since assumed office in January, 2017.
He mentioned that it is the National Petroleum Authority (NPA) that has been mandated to set petroleum prices for pricing on petrole…

Gov’t decision to go beyond aid commended

By: Fred Yaw Sarpong

Government has been commended for its decision to place the country at a position where by the revenue generation of the country will be sufficient for developmental projects, rather than relying on aids and grants.
Many are of the view that this is a bold step because every country that depends on grants and aids, it difficult for such country to progress or grow.  Announcing such measures is not critical than implementing them.
The finance minister, Mr. Ken Ofori Attah stated in the 2018 Budget Statement that government envision a Ghana beyond aid where within a generation, Ghana, through rapid and inclusive growth that respects gender equity, safeguards the environment and mitigates climate risk exposure, has attained upper middle-income status.
Speaking to Mr. Jerry Afolabi, a financial analyst and economist he explained that if the government is able to put the nation’s resources to judicious use and be able to manage prudently what w…

GhanaPostGPS is not accurate- CDG

By: Fred Yaw Sarpong

A group, the Coalition for Democracy Governance (CDG) says the GhanaPostGPS launched by the government is not accurate and for that matter it is a deceptive to the country.
According to the group, the GhanaPost digital address system running on global positioning system (GPS) is a serious position Ghana has adopted.
The coalition organized a news conference to seek questions with regards to the recently launched Ghana Post’s Global Positioning System (GPS) digital address system which was priced at US$2.5 million.
Addressing the media, Kingsley Kormla Elikem Mortey, a GPS expert said developing a physical address system for Ghana is far better than using digital address.
He argued that the GPS does not belong to Ghana and for that matter the owners of the system, which is the United State of American can decide to strip off the digital system from Ghana and it will create problem for the country.
“The GPS belonged to the US military and th…

Ghana to get GM rice

By: Fred Yaw SARPONG

Ghana will soon become one of the first countries in the world to have been able to commercialize genetically modified (GM) rice, if the project continues to receive funding.
Ghana, together with Nigeria, Uganda and Columbia are currently conducting trials on GM rice that is able to use about a third nitrogen of the recommended  nitrogen fertilizer and still have good yield.
If Ghana is able to go through this process, the country will be among the first countries in the world to come out with GM rice.
Currently, there is no GM rice under commercial cultivation anywhere in the world, the Crops Research Institute (CRI) of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has started conducting trials in April 2013 and will hopefully, will get GM rice by 2021.
Dr. Maxwell Asante, Project Manager for NEWEST GM rice project in Ghana explained that Ghana will first it has go through a lot of processes before the rice is released  to far…

Gov’t told to initiate franchising law

By: Fred Yaw SARPONG

Businesses operating under the name of franchising in Ghana is said to be doing very well in Ghana and for that matter there is need for the enactment of franchising law or regulation by the government to regulate both the franchisor and the franchisee.
It’s a method of distributing products or services by licensing the processes, products, services and intellectual property to investors who will operate within an established business model. 
Franchising involves two entities namely the franchisor who provides the trademark/name and the franchisee who pays royalty for the right to operate through the trade name.
Franchising is in three forms, product distribution or retail; trademark/name used by the franchisee to sell his/her products; and business format franchising which is the combination, hybrid of the first two forms.
Currently, because there is no law regulating the operation of franchising business in the country, most of the compa…

Insurance firms to pay GHc50m as capital

By: Fred Yaw SARPONG

The National Insurance Commission (NIC), the regulator of the insurance sector in Ghana is proposing a minimum capital requirements of GHc50 million for all the industry players.
The commission is in the process of putting together a strong proposal to back the GHc50 million minimum capital requirements.
The National Insurance Commission is yet to finalize the proposal. However, the commission is putting place data to support the proposed GHc50 million capital requirements.
“We’re considering GHc50 million capital requirements for the insurance sector (both life and non-life) and GHc150 million for the Reinsurance companies in the country,” Mr. Simon Nerro Davor, the Deputy Commissioner of NIC told the Daily Express in an interview.
Why the increased
Mr. Davor mentioned that Ghana’s economy is growing and the size of the insurance industry in the country is too small. “If you cannot do big business, you cannot benefit from all the projects…

GUTA to review the 2018 budget statement

By: Fred Yaw Sarpong
The Daily Express

The Ghana Union of Traders Association (GUTA), mother body of trading groups in the country says they will review the 2018 Budget Statement presented to Parliament by the Finance Minister, Mr. Ken Ofori Attah last week.
GUTA’s review of the budget is to allow the association comes out with a position on the 2018 budget statement, especially in areas that affect the trading community in the country.
Mr. Tetteh Paddy, the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of GUTA and a member of the Abossey Okai Spare Parts dealers association said the committee of the association will meet to consider the budget.
“Though we didn’t hear so much been mention about the trading community in the budget, we could see that the 2018 budget statement is gear towards industry, manufacturing and agriculture, which of course we also play a critical role there.”
Traders play supplementary role by distributing the goods and services from the companies espe…

300 University students for MTN scholarship

By: Fred Yaw Sarpong

As part of celebrating its 10 years of operations in Ghana, the Mobile Telecommunication Network (MTN) Ghana Foundation, is planning to offer scholarship to 300 tertiary students in the country.
The scholarship scheme packages will be awarded to 300 students in a period of three years across the country. Every year, 100 students are expected to benefit from the scheme.
According to the MTN, the scheme will help takes burdens from the students who will have the opportunity to be selected to benefit from the scholarship.

At a breakfast meeting with the members of Journalist for Business Advocacy (JBA) in Accra, Gina Asare Fiagbenu, Senior Manager in charge of Sustainability and Social Impact at MTN Ghana explained that in January, 2018, the foundation will officially launch the scholarship scheme by announcing the criteria’s.
The meeting was to brief JBA members the activities of the foundation for the past 10 years and also to know their plans from 2018.
She told …