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Ghana Post faces collapse

Ghana Post Company Limited is collapsing and it will need the intervention of Government of Ghana to save it from dying, says the Union Chairman of the Ghana Postal Service Workers Union (GPSWU), Mr. Emmanuel Addo. According to him, the company needs recapitalization in order to survive. “We need fresh money to be injected into the company,” he added.
“What we are doing now is purely manual but if we are networked, we can get these agencies a lot of work to do, such as dispatching and receiving telephone bills, electricity and water bills for the operators like Vodafone, Ghana Water Company and others,” Mr.Addo emphasized.
Accrabased Adom FM’s political show, ‘Burning Point’ Mr. Addo said the lack of a networked infrastructure within Ghana Post is making it impossible for the company to assure existing and potential clients of its ability to meet parcel delivery targets; causing them to stop using Ghana Post’s services. “All these entities fade off from our operations. …

US investors control Ghana’s Eurobond -Terkper

The Finance Minister, Seth Terkper has revealed that majority of the recently issued $1 billion Eurobond, is owned by investors from the United States of America with a total stake of 60%. According to him, investors from the United Kingdom also purchased 21% of the bond while those from Europe also bought 15%. He also added that Asian investors own 2% shares of the bond, with 2% coming from elsewhere.
Hon. Terkper stated that on April 2, 2013, Cabinet approved the initiation of a second Eurobond transaction by the country. He indicated that based on the financing needs and anticipated market conditions, a transaction size of up to US$1,000 million was indicated. The Finance Minister announced this at the Flagstaff House (the seat of government) on Tuesday when he presented the details of the Eurobond transaction to the media.
Giving further details of the Eurobond transaction, the Minister said part of the bond proceeds will be used to refinance maturing domestic debt…

GM food-safety authority in the offing – As Ghana looks at GM crops for the future

The Chairman of Ghana’s National Biosafety Committee (NBC), Professor Erick C. Quaye has emphasized that, the National Biosafety Authority (NBA), which will supervise the implementation of genetically modified (GM) crops in the country would soon be established.

According to Professor Quaye, everything is in order for the establishment of the Authority, adding that the sector Minister is aware and working towards it. He also noted that the authority will be the implementing agency in Ghana.

Genetically modified foods according to the World Food Organization (WHO), are foods derived from organisms whose genetic material (DNA) has been modified in a way that does not occur naturally, e.g. through the scientific introduction of a gene from a different organism. Most existing genetically modified crops have been developed to improve yield, through the introduction of resistance to plant diseases or of increased tolerance of herbicides.

However, per WHO’s guidelines, all GM …

Smartphones killing Internet Cafes in Ghana

The use of smartphones among Ghanaians is killing the operations of Internet Cafes in the country, according to the National Communication Authority (NCA).

The regulator of the telecom industry says gradually, internet cafes are reducing in number due to the usage of smartphones by majority of Ghanaians. PaaRock Vanpercy, the Director General of NCA disclosed this at a media workshop in Accra last week. According to him, data penetration is currently about 37%, which indicate an improvement.

Previously, Ghana had a data penetration of 5%. “Thankfully due to the advent of smartphones, which has allowed more Ghanaians hooking on the internet by the use of their smart phones,” he added. Mr. Vanpercy stated that the number of Internet Cafes in Ghana dropped from 35% in 2011 to 20% in 2012, adding that this was a result of many people using smartphones which enable them access to the internet on it.

However, Accra has the majority of the cafes, compared to the few ones in othe…

Mallam Lorry Park in deplorable states