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GSS undertakes statistics on new facilities in the country

By: Fred Yaw Sarpong

The Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) is undertaken statistics on facilities that were not established during the 2010 Population and Housing Census and as well as those that have been misplaced after the census.

This is to identify new schools, car terminals, markets, hospitals, police stations, clinics, offices, high buildings, water sources and among others in a particular enumeration area. The enumeration area is where the project is taken place.

Mr Anthony Amuzu, the Director of Survey Census Organization at the GSS told Daily Express in Accra that after every census programme statistical service updates its field maps to conform the current state of the population.

‘Currently we want to move away from paper maps to digitized maps and this will allow us put those facilities we have identified in various enumeration areas on the digitized maps,’ he stated.

Mr Amuzu said there are team of mappers in the field who are collecting data on the new facilities in the various localities. He said the mappers will be taking the Global Positioning System (GPS) of those facilities so that when those facilities are digitized Ghanaians will know exactly where each facility is located.

According to him the mappers are expected to finish the project between May and June this year.

The mapping on the new facilities is taken place in 216 districts across the country and after completion all the 216 districts will be digitized on Geographic Information System (GIS).

‘Things are changing on a daily basis and there is need to update our system with these changes,’ said Mr Amuzu.

He stated that some new facilities such as lorry stations, clinics, police stations, markets are sprinkling up in the cities and other parts of the country.

‘At the same time some of these facilities are been converted to huge structures which were not available previously. It is important that we take into consideration of all these so it will give us fair ideas in future when we embarking on Population and Housing Census,’ he added.

He made mention of Millennium schools been put up by Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA).

He said the enumeration areas are still going to be the same size but in an area where the population are beyond 750 they will split that area into two so that the mappers will be able to cover the area within the shortest period during the exercise.


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