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Sales of power banks and other rechargeable appliances surge

By: Raphael Apetorgbor- Daily Express

The sale of rechargeable gadgets especially power banks, has increased over the past few months, vendors of such products have disclosed.

Random  checks  conducted  by the Daily Express at some sale points revealed that  in the wake of  the  ongoing erratic load shedding exercise  by the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) ,  power banks  are fast becoming the best companion for many smartphone freaks who can’t afford  to see their handsets drained out of power.

The high demand for  such gadgets , according dealers and users  has led to hikes in their prices, with checks revealing  that a power bank  used in charging a mobile phone with a capacity of 5,000 mAh (milliampere-hour ) is now selling  between GHc 120 to GHc 150, dwarfing the price of same product which was pegged between  GHc 110 to GHc 120 in December last year.

Ms. Sika Agbo, a trader of rechargeable gadgets at Kwame Nkrumah Circle told this paper that the rise in the prices of the power banks are as a result of hikes on retail prices and the high demand .

“The sales of power banks and rechargeable lamps has more than doubled over the past months due to the intensity of the  load shedding and  it  good for me, ( businesswise) ” she noted smiling. She explained that most of these  gadgets   are imported from China and other Asian countries.

With regards to the sale of rechargeable lamps  ,  prices has also gone compared  how much they were also sold last year.  Averagely retail prices of these laps increased by GHc5 compared to two months ago.

" A lamp sold at a retail price of GHc 17 earlier is now  GHc 25  so we have no option  than to also increase the prices. We are capitalizing on the load shedding issue”, a hawker  at Lapaz,  told the Daily Express.

Most dealers of rechargeable products told this reporter that they have been working around the clock to keep up with demand and have been bringing in new stock regularly.

Similarly, visits to other electrical shops proved that there is high demands in rechargeable electric fans.
According to the Ministry of Energy, Ghana has an installed power capacity of 1960 megawatts with a demand of about 1400 megawatts. This demand is said to be growing at an annual rate of 10%.

The growing demand, climate change and   intermittent interruptions in supply has led to pressure on the national grid ,  with the government is assiduously working to arrest the situation.


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