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Ghana has 24.88 million Mobile lines registered

By Fred Sarpong

The National Communications Authority (NCA) has said that there are a total of 24,884,195 mobile lines registered in Ghana. This was at the end of September, 2012.

The telecom operators contributed to the 24,884,195 lines were Mobile Telecommunication Network (MTN), Vodafone, Tigo, Airtel, Glo and Expresso.

MTN is still leading the industry players and has maintained its position as the market leader with a subscriber base of 11,269,926, representing 45.29% of total market share.

Vodafone Ghana is gradually commanding the second position, with a subscriber base of 5,027,207, which represents 20.20% of total market share.

Tigo had a marginal subscriber base decrease, closing at 3,757,977, which represents 15.10% of the market, while Airtel increased its subscriber base to 3,040,580 representing 12.29% of the total market share.

Glo mobile continues to increase its current subscriber base of 1,610,434, represents 6.47% of the market share, while Expresso decrease its mobile lines to 178,071. The figure represents 0.71% of the total market share.

The total penetration of telephone access lines, including fixed lines (25,158,999) stands at 102.03%. But total penetration for mobile lines (24,884,195) is 100.91% and 1.11% recorded for fixed lines (274,804) penetration. All these figures are compare to 24,658,823 Ghanaians.

As at the end of the months of September 2012, the number of fixed lines in the country was 274,804 access lines, representing 1.09% of the total market share of 25,158,999 total access lines, while mobile lines command the lead with 98.91% market share. However, fixed lines decreased by 2,004 lines from January figures of 276,808 lines to 274,804 in September 2012.

Vodafone Ghana remains the major fixed line operator with the market share of 96.24% with 264,484 lines, looking at the total fixed lines of 274,804. Airtel has just a few subscribers on its fixed line of 10,320, representing 3.64% of the total fixed lines while total fixed lines at the end of September 2012 were 274,804.
In terms of percentage growth from January 2012 to September 2012, MTN mobile lines went up by 1.09% from 10,249,528 to 11,269,926 at the end of September 2012. Vodafone had percentage growth of 1.16% by recording 4,340,905 from January to 5,027,107 at the end of September, this year.

Within the period, Tigo also recorded percentage growth of 0.99% from a figure of 3,766,538 in January 2012 to 3,757,977 in September, this year. The lines of Airtel went up by 315,452 mobile lines from a figure of 2,725,128 recorded in January 2012 to 3,040,580 recorded at the end of September 2012, representing a percentage growth of 1.11%.

The lines of Expresso, the only CDMA network operator, decreased during the period, recording a percentage growth of 0.97% from a figure of 183,607 at the end of January 2012 to 178,071 by ending September 2012.

Glo Mobile increased by 1,141,926 lines at the end of September, this year from May figure of 468,508 to September 2012 figure of 1,610,434, representing 3.44% growth.

The percentage growth for fixed lines in the country went down by 2,004, representing growth of 0.99%, from 276,808 at the end of January 2012 to 274,804 at the end of September, this year.

However, Airtel fixed lines dropped from 10,763 at the end of January 2012 to 10,320, representing 0.96%. Vodafone on the other hand had also decrease from 266,045 lines to 264,484 lines in September 2012, representing 0.99%.


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