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Govt. reveals plan to “create a cleaner and leaner wage bill”

By: Mathias Amoah (Daily Express)

Government has disclosed its intention to lay before cabinet, more systematic set of policy measures that will remove fraud and create a cleaner and leaner wage bill.

This move is to pave way  for the introduction of  the better management of the payroll going forward.

According to President John Mahama, several initiatives have been undertaken and are underway to tighten expenditure controls and address any leakages in the management of public expenditures.

“We know there is a lot of waste in the public sector. We are dealing with this consistently in order to improve services to our citizens”, he said at a one-day Ministers’ retreat yesterday.

The retreat which was under the theme “understanding government’s relations with the IMF”,  was to enlighten the  ministers and their deputies, presidential staffers and high hierarchy of National Democratic Congress (NDC) on government’s  position on IMF  programme.

The President said the meeting was also aimed at triggering discussions on the implications of a possible fund programme for the budget 2015 and government’s  medium term development plan.

“It is also meant to achieve the objective of setting out Ghana’s current economic reality and identify the constraints as well as the opportunities for our economic development”, he said.

He explained that government’s decision  to  move in for an IMF support programme was informed by a  careful and thorough deliberations against the backdrop of a series of policy measures his outfit  had already initiated.

“ In July,  I took a decision for Ghana to initiate discussions with the International Monetary Fund after extensive consultations especially with the Presidential Advisory Group on the Economy”, he said, adding that ……..government has painstakingly engaged in thorough series of policy measures aimed at stabilising and consolidating our macroeconomic environment and restoring confidence in the economy”.

Expressing optimism that  the Dr Kwesi Botchey led delegation would give  the country  a better leverage in terms of  negotiation with the Bretton Woods Institution, President Mahama said he remains  focused on fixing the short-term bottlenecks to ensure that Ghana  can proceed to the bright medium and long term prospects on a more solid and sustainable foundation.

“I have gone at length to describe the composition of our negotiating team so that you are well aware of the fact that we do have a solid team under impeccable leadership and accessible to all members of government”, he said.

President John Mahama tasked Ghana’s team negotiating with the IMF programme to execute their mission as one team with a common consensus.


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